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alejandro pujol

any luck on the larger tank. I have a 2008 wr250r. I have to fill up maybe twice a week. I like the look of your bike and wished I could convert the rims like the X. I got some good ideas from your site. thanks a bunch. I am just worn out my chain and looking into replacing sprocket and chain. any suggestions.


The ninja's second piston comes in at around 60mph. It runs off a parallel twin so other 250cc bikes are tough to compete. Right around 62-63mph on the 250r you start getting into the higher note which isn't a sound indicating a redline, but the second power pulse from the other cylinder. In fact at 65mph you're at 8k-8.5k rpm, where on this bike the redline begins at 12k. So still plenty of rpm to go at 70 before even getting close. I'd say up to 70 mph it is pretty smooth. Almost classify it as a 350cc bike. if that makes sense.


Your comment makes no sence the ninjas engine is always firing both cylinders. One doesn't just turn on at 60mph. I think he means the ninja feels more strung out where the wr is just mellow at 60 mph in 6th I know
My wrr purrs at 60 sometimes I leave it in 5th to keep the revs up

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